NOUN: Personal wardrobe consultant
ADJECTIVE: stylish; organised; conscientious; honest; resourceful; intuitive; optimistic; sociable; proactive

I work with women of all ages, with all budgets and for all sorts of reasons. Some can’t find or just aren’t confident about how to dress in a way that 
suits their current lifestyle, figure, age or mood. Others ask me to help them sort out crisis dressing, to comment constructively on their current clothes or 
simply put together a capsule wardrobe.

Clients hire me  - often more than once, because I help them identify their
own style, offer impartiality and honesty, am never unkind and offer them valuable ideas. 

I have a strong record in fashion and my expertise is recognised in the 
fashion industry:

>>> I have a regular slot on BBC Leicester radio where I give expert fashion advice about a range of topics from how to get the most out of a limited budget to the latest fashion trends. 

>>> Expert advisor on Look Good, Feel Better workshops, where women undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for cancer are treated to a makeover.

>>> Founder of ‘Labels’, specialising in designer, new and nearly-new clothes for women. 

>>> Experienced fashion buyer and trend watcher.

>>> Based in the Midlands - often working in London.

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