Ever felt that you’d like an image overhaul? 
Perhaps your clothes no longer fit your shape, your
lifestyle, your age – your mood?  

Maybe dressing for a special occasion sends you hopelessly rifling through your clothes? 
It may be time to seek professional help…


We start with you talking and me listening. 
Together we establish what you want to achieve, taking
into account your lifestyle, taste and budget - agreeing on 
the exact brief. 

Then it’s time to go through your wardrobe carefully
together, with me casting a professional and 
dispassionate eye over it all - including shoes and 
accessories. This means that anything that’s too 
small or big or old-fashioned or simple mistakes will
make way for a wardrobe that really suits you. 
You’ll learn new ways of wearing your existing items, 
defining your style and expressing your personality. 
I’ll also inspire you to try new ways of dressing.

1 Day’s Wardrobe Consultancy:  £250 + expenses


Shopping for clothes will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience when your out with me!
Expect one-to-one expert, directional unbiased advice 
– establishing a style that suits you, creating a look of 
your own. Maybe you want to assemble your perfect 
capsule wardrobe, or perhaps you need something for a special occasion. You’ll relax in the knowledge that you’re avoiding common fashion mistakes, or ranging between fashion extremes – or simply getting out of a rut! 

Stress-free shopping with defined criteria Is fun, efficient and gets great results!

1 Day’s Personal Shopping:  £250 + expenses

Both Wardrobe Consultancy day and Personal Shopping day: £400
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