Christine Burns:

"Vanita gave me focus and direction. She assessed my wardrobe and edited in an honest and helpful manner.

I now know how to wear the clothes I have kept and which pieces I should be buying"

Eve Drummond                                  

I have a busy life. Vanita has saved me time and money. I am now comfortable with my style and body shape.

I now enjoy my clothes dressing with ease and happiness and no longer spend fortunes on unsuitable costly mistakes.

Yvonne Quinn:

"I lost two stone 18 months ago - I had no idea how to dress what seemed like a whole new body.

Vanita was fantastic in helping me buy buy a capsule wardrobe of flexible and lovely clothes. She encouraged me to try styles I'd never have looked at myself and advised me how to put things together in interesting ways. I ended up with clothes that are practical and beautiful, work well together and make me feel happy and confident in myself.

Naimh McDermott:

"Vanita has a great eye and an ability to ask the right questions to establish what you need in your wardrobe.

I had a baby a year ago - a lot of the clothes I'd worn pre-baby didn't suit me any more. I've also just gone back to work so need clothes that are practical but also look professional - as I'm a barrister. She didn't try to transform me by putting me in clothes that aren't 'me', but she did encourage me to try on clothes I would not normally wear but now really like.

She saved me hours wandering aimlessly round shops - I've recommended Vanita to all my friends and family!                       

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